Dr. Michael L. Keil

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Chris Pucci and John VanDoorne have done an outstanding job with our advertising! They took over during a difficult time for us and for our country – right before covid-19. They immediately went to work trying to understand our goals and our mission. Right away, Chris came in for an evaluation (even though he didn’t need glasses) just so that he could get to know us and our process better.

At the early stage of the pandemic due to a statewide order, we were forced to close to all except emergencies. During this difficult time, they didn’t panic. They helped us implement an excellent public service message that played a strong role in reassuring people and our patients. When we reopened people knew that we would be here for them if and when they needed us.

Their skills and understanding of our mission has allowed them to produce effective videos that we have used on TV, online, in house, on social media, and so on. Also, they have been able to get us competitive rates for our television advertising so we are confident that we are getting good value for our efforts. Great work! I would recommend this agency to anyone!